3 Locations Throughout Rhode Island

Our locations are placed throughout the state and include free, ample parking.

See Better, Look Better

We have a vast selection of frames to choose from. Stop by one of our 3 locations and see for yourself.

Do you prefer Contact Lenses?

From glasses to contact lenses, our staff will answer all your questions and provide you with several helpful options.

Contact Lenses

We specialize in brand name contact lenses with fits ranging from soft to hard, spherical to astigmatic, clear to color, multifocal and the hard-to-fit keratoconus. With multiple types of contacts lenses to choose from, how do you know which contact lens is right for you? We begin by taking careful measurements of your eyes and then take the time to fit you with the ideal lens for your vision and lifestyle needs.

We are one of the largest contact lens private practices in Rhode Island and have access to the newest and most technologically advanced lenses.


You can order your contact lenses two easy ways!

You can contact us directly by phone, or visit our online store.

(Must be a current patient with a valid contact lens prescription to order online)


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